Website Planning

Website Planning is a stage that revolves around defining goals and objectives for a website and then beginning to collect and ad analyzing pieces of information that are key in justifying the resources and budget requirements. Website Planning will normally be contained in a document known as Website plan, which is a tool or rather, a guide that describes and explains all the necessary steps involved in website planning.  Read more great facts on  Slickplan, click here. 

In website planning, a website design must be put in place to enhance a successful website plan. Website design is, therefore, an art which encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the generation and safeguarding of websites. Web design has many different spheres revolving around it, these include; authoring, interface design, web graphic design, and user experience among others. Web designed is normally carried out a by a team which will carry out the task of designing the process involving front end or customer oriented design of a website including writing mark up. For more useful reference, have a peek here

During the definition of goals and objectives for a website (Website Planning), website architecture is crucial in the entire process. Website Architecture is, therefore, the design and preparation of three main inputs, they include; technical, functional and visual. The website architecture is carried out before the website is fully designed, developed and deployed for operation and is mainly used by website designers and developers to develop websites.

Website Planning always involves a program known as a Slick plan for the successful preparation of websites. The slick plan is a program toolset used in website planning that is enhanced and developed by professionals, teams and software engineers. The Slick plan is customized as per the user requirements since its normally developed for the user. A slick plan will normally contain many features such as; User permission settings, Centralized locations and professional sharing, Color, logo and Theme Customization, Content Progress and Approval Systems.

Slick plan website planning is a system of website planning that uses the skills, knowledge and technical know-how of a website page architecture using intuitive and the user-oriented features as mentioned above. The Slick plan website planning provides more content for website development and gives room for the improvement of its features to enable more user satisfaction. For a slick plan to be effective in website planning, a slick plan information architecture will be needed. Slick plan information architecture is a process that enhances the organization of websites to facilitate easy user access to services and information. Please  view this site for further details.